About The Far East Collection

The Far East Collection is a rare selection of artwork submitted anonymously by various artists. Art connoisseurs have travelled the world to curate a collection of carefully selected pieces that exhibit brilliant or soft hues, sharp edges and rounded curves.

The Far East Collection has an innovational concept: art should be valued in its own right—not by the artists who produced it. To this end, both distinguished as well as still up-and-coming artists contribute to the Collection under full anonymity. 

Timelessness is the basis for the Far East Collection’s eclectic offerings. You can find your inner compass and a means to make sense of your world with an original piece in the Far East Collection. Brilliant or soft hues, sharp edges and rounded curves, the artwork speaks for itself—just like it should.

Give your emotions a voice with a piece from the Far East Collection. Revel in the beauty that’s inherent in each and every item in the wide-reaching array from the Far East Collection.